Ublox to UCenter (APM bypass)

This is a basic script for connecting U-Blox GPS to U-Center through an APM (as a middleman) basicly connects Serial 1 directly to Serial 0 (USB) bidirectionally, FYI you can modify the code to use the telemetry port Serial 3 as well.

This may be used to diagnose the ublox, or to configure it for APM.

You may need to adjust serial baud rates to match the hardware.

(for example a brand new ublox has a serial port rate of 9600, but APM wants it to be 38400.)



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  • This is excellent - tested and works great


    thanks for posting this



  • As an update to this, I restarted my efforts to have enhanced ublox support over the APM. I updated the CLI test in current SVN to support bi-directional Ucenter full access to the Ublox including its config over the Telemetry port. So either using xbees ( I like wireless myself ) or a ftdi cable attached to the telemetry port.  Here are some screen shots.

    One thing to note, is (and ill figure out why later) I had to add baud rates to my APM_Config.h as it seems they are not getting passed into test.pde correctly at the moment.





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