• I've had good experiences with an EzUHF setup. I've checked the Pixhawk with and RFExplorer spectrum analyzer and didn't find anything significant in the 430 to 440 mHz band. However just about every MinimOSD I've checked spews a big spike at 432 MHz. In any case, the EzUHF seems very reliable with the Pixhawk. 

    • Thanks for that information.  What kind of range do you suspect you can get with the EzUHF?

      • I've had it out as far as 1.7 miles on low power with the stock monopole. I'd expect up to 10 miles with an improved Rx antenna (dipole) and running the Tx on high.

  • Anyone used Rangelink, Scherrer, or EzUHF, or Dragon Link with Pixhawk?

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