I'm working on the design for the Ground Control Station (GCS) shown in the images below and am trying to make sure we incorporate as many useful features as possible.

It uses our Wing control system for piloting (through telemetry) and waypoint editing and other mission planner functions, and also features a secondary joystick for gimbal control.

Rather than just a system for flying, it's also designed to fit a laptop and has it has a 24" outdoor viewable screen and full keyboard. The idea is that it can be used for checking and analysing data while you are onsite.  Essentially it's a full outdoor workstation for UAV work.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on anything we might have missed out or got wrong. 



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Clamps, holders for antennas or even an antenna tracker.  Room for battery storage.  

Just some ideas....

Thanks Ted, good points.

There is some room for battery storage underneath the hinged panel alongside the laptop and ground station battery. I would like to build an embedded PC into the unit too.

With regards to the antenna, I was going to build the antenna behind the screen (while hoping the screen doesn't cause interference problems). I wanted to minimise setup time, but I think you are probably right, an externally mounted Antenna would be better.


I put some of these pictures on another post but this was looking a bit out of date as the design changed quite a bit. Here are some photos of our prototype rig without the aerials fitted. There's more on the Worthington Sharpe website.


Just a quick thought ?

Can you get the top 50 as well ( hides very quickly )


PS Seriously though looks a nice bit of kit. What OS are you using ?

Thanks Keith, I think we'll have to start a list of requests for extra features. A built-in charcoal tray and grill perhaps?


The ones that we've built so far have been running Windows 7 or 10 running Mission Planner. We put an Intel NUC in the latest one, running Windows 10, and have been thinking about trying a Raspberry Pi 2.



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