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Keith Bouckley replied to Sam Worthington's discussion Ultimate Ground Control Station
"Just a quick thought ?

Can you get the top 50 as well ( hides very quickly )


PS Seriously though looks a nice bit of kit. What OS are you using ?"
Jul 6, 2016
Keith Bouckley replied to Don Pillow's discussion Design a hexacopter with coaxial rotors
"Do not intend to be rude but that is how real twin rotor helicopters work.

Do not forget to have top rotor turning in opposite direction to lower so you loose torque effect , in your photo above top rotors turn say clockwise then lower anti…"
Jun 10, 2016
Keith Bouckley replied to Ajay Marshal's discussion max pitch angle through drone
"Sorry but quadcopters ( that I know of ) do not use pitch angle to control height. They have constant pitch and so control height with rotor RPM.

Imagine a real aeroplane with fixed pitch pop, more throttle (RPM) faster you go but with a variable…"
Jun 10, 2016
Keith Bouckley replied to Sumith Balami's discussion Help to repair my drone..
"Possibly you shorted out the controller board and will need a new one

Try a individual motor check see my post http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/drone-crashing?commentId=705844%3...

Jun 10, 2016
Keith Bouckley replied to Prashanth Rajagopalan's discussion Drone crashing
"Do not know if it helps but I have a JJRC H8C and on that controller set low rpm with throttle (left joystick) and with direction (right joystick) instead of moving in a north south east west ( imagine shape like + ) move stick in a diagonal…"
Jun 10, 2016
Keith Bouckley posted a discussion
Hi guys and galsAs a bonus I have been given an H8C DFD F183 as a gift but have a few questions/problems which I am hoping someone can answer for me.1.   I seem to have one motor which is giving more lift than the others. When I lift off it never…
Jun 9, 2016