Drone crashing

my drone is toppling to one side and crashing instead of hovering. i have a feeling that one motor is rotating at a lesser RPM compared to the others. How do I check the RPM of each motor? I know a laser tachometer can be used but i don't have one. Can I get this information from Mission Planner?

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  • Do not know if it helps but I have a JJRC H8C and on that controller set low rpm with throttle (left joystick) and with direction (right joystick) instead of moving in a north south east west ( imagine shape like + ) move stick in a diagonal (imagine shape like X ) and each engine should go to max power and will attempt to fly, but only on the one corner, if they are balanced.you should see the same amount of lift.

    I have similar problem but on 2 right hand motors, each tries to turn quad over but other 2 merely lift corner about a quarter of an inch. the only thing I can think of to prove if it the motor which is faulty is to put a new full set in. if no change then problem is with controller. or alternatively swap the suspect motor with one of the others. Again if no change controller faulty but if new position OK and old now faulty the you need a new motor.  


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