ultralight UAV for long distance travel with backpack


I am looking for advices, I will travel around the world for the next year and wanted to bring with me a very small and lightweight UAV for aerial photography. best solution would be a foldable or dismountable UAV without extra remote control and including an HD camera.

I will already carry a gopro that I could add to an UAV and possibly avoid extra weight

I saw the Bebop 2 with is HD but not sure if I can modify it to make it dismountable because as is I won't be able to transport it in a backpack already full of stuff that I need to carry for a year.

Thank you for your help

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  • Than you very much for your advices, the xiro mini seems to be exactly what I am looking for, do you know when will it be available. Another option is the parrot bebop 2 but it would require some modification in order to remove the arms from the frame for transport.
  • How small is small? 

    Someone here has the Hover Drone 360. It looks to fold up to a small package, yet has very respectable flight times.


    There is also the ProDrone http://www.prodrone-tech.com/index.php?lang=en



    Both fold up compact, but are not real small when unfolded. Keep in mind a very small copter will get overcome by wind which can make for some miserable flying. At least with these you'd have good stability.

    Then of course there is Solo, but maybe it doesn't fold up small enough because of the legs? I have to say it has video features not available on any other copter, such as Cable Cam. 

    Seriously though, I have several copters and think you'll regret getting one that is too small. You want something that is solid in windy conditions. Some of the smaller ones won't fly even in 5-10 mph wind. 

    Good luck; sure wish I had the opportunity for such a venture. 

  • I have the same plan... a folding quadcopter with gimbal and HD camera.
    Not easy to find,

    The DJI Phantom 3 would fit quite well if the gimbal and landing gear could be removed... 

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