i have this 4 pin sensor ar home

, and i was wondering if it can be used in complement or instead the classic sensor.

Anybody succeed using these object avoidance?

anybody tried?

 thx for your time

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I would also like toknow have the same sonar

lemme know pls if you have any tip

I'm working on a solution for this. The current MaxsonarXL implementation uses a generic analog source reader with a default median filter. The interface returns centimeters, so a simple wrapper around i.e. the New-Ping library might work, but I'm worried about the delay of measurement and how it might effect the control loop. To get around this I'm building a simple integrator circuit to convert the pulse width from the HC-SR04 into a voltage. This requires an extra pin to clear the voltage between readings, but if it works then it will just be another implementation of the AP_RangeFinder interface.

My first design gives a signal between ~.3V and 3.3V out to about four meters https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/4etd6v/integrator-for-hc-sr04-ul...

though that design is based on components I had on hand, it really should have a (forward bias) diode between the source and the pull down transistor, and the signal would be much cleaner with a FET. And the transistor's base should be the "clear" pin. And adding a timer and a buffer would make the functionality very similar to the maxsonar devices. 

... it's a work in progress ^_^;;

also, this deserves a cross reference here I think:


though it may be less accurate, it is the fastest output to read. It also requires fewer pins. And in this particular case the HC-SR04 doesn't have a digital output, it's just analog in the time domain.

So just to see if i guet this right.... i have buy two of this (one as spar parts) to use in my quad with APM2... will it work???!

short answer: no.

long answer: check back in about a month and I may have a solution for you. or someone may have done it already and I simply haven't been able to find it.

I currently have a testing problem as I broke one of the motor mounts on my quad and jdrones is refusing to ship me a replacement, and I also haven't finished the software. so right now it's vapor, don't depend on it.

Ok i will get back to you, thanks.

I am also interested in this.  I have both types of sonar, but I am trying to encourage my local community to build rovers and I am trying to get the price point down as far as possible.  As I can get the HC-SR04 down to $1.50 in volume, I would like to be able to use this.

I am working with these on another project, so soon I may be able to help.

It is working on my Hobbyking Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller set up as a sonar XL-EZL0.  This is working on the bench using Mission Planner and seems to be reading from 3cms to 350 cms (the size of my room) so should work further away.  I will check when I get time and will update you

Hello Ricard I bought that sonar, did you use it with arducopter. If yes have done someting special?
Thank you.

It will worked with a Hobbyking Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller using Mission Planner.  Arducopter 2.5 will NOT work with the cheap HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module you can buy on ebay for $2.00   Have a look at http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/sonar/ this will help a lot.  If you need more info have a look at .http://maxbotix.com/articles/067.htm

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