i have this 4 pin sensor ar home

, and i was wondering if it can be used in complement or instead the classic sensor.

Anybody succeed using these object avoidance?

anybody tried?

 thx for your time

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Thank You Richard,

Any updates on this?

hey i have two of these sensors is there ny way to integrate with the 2.5 yet?

did anyone ever get some resolution on implementing the HC-SR04 for altitude, landing, object avoidance.. any of the above?

any news about this ? 

any one had tried to implment the code ?

Hello. Did you solve it?

Hi i found a video in which an HC-SR04 is used with apm 2.6 and its working fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNZLQPg6CEE

thank you!


Thanks for that, I will investigate this and hope to get these working on an apm 2.8.

Hey did you get it working??

The one in the video seems to have a filter that the stock one doesn't have

Well, the APM doesn't have enough time waiting for feedback from the HC-SR04, yes it's the matter of timing and interupt. To make thing works as the video, it require another brain or controller to do the triggering and waiting for echo. The communication between the other controller with the APM could be done through I2C or more simple voltage level as shown on the video, so the APM simply read the voltage level plugged on it's analog input pin.


I purchased HC-SDR04 that has 3 pins connector and It finally worked for me last night. I have updated to firmware 3.2.1 (36b405fb). 

Then  go to the configuration/tuning tab and under Full Parameter list search for RNGFND_PIN and change the value to 1 ( This is Pin A1) . The value 0( Pin A0) did not work for me.

Disconnect the APM and plug the sensor in PIN A1 in the APM , them reconnect the APM to the computer.

I hope this work for you. 


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