Unable to Power off the motors when landing

I'm having trouble powering off the motors after landing. I tried to disarm by holding the stick to the left, but nothing happens until I disconnect the battery.  I know its not the RC transmitter signal, because in play back on MP I can see the throttle all the way off yet the motors still running

My last two flights yesterday was  in RTL and Ive had to land before it makes it back to the RTL point because of strong wind. Both times the rig flipped over from the bounce and possibly wind when it came to a stop.

Firstly, when it touched down and I hit throttle all the way down it deosnt kill the motors and there seem to be still some throttle input which seems to be part of the reason why it bounced and flipped over. Why doesn't it throttle all the way off?

When it is in RTL can I not override the throttle control or is it still in command trying to return to launch point? Do I need to switch back to Stabilize mode to be able to kill the motors?

Is their a fail safe that is preventing the motors being turned off while it is in flight in not just RTL mode but the other modes as well that is preventing the motors turning off when I land?

Lastly what is regarded as to strong to fly wind? The last two flights was in 15kmh wind, but I think up higher it was closer to 20 to 25khm.  I know this is not ideal at all for test flights , but after 1hr drive to the site I couldn't leave without at least a few tries. 

Appreciate any advise.

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