Unbaffled Barometer = Attempted Flyaway

Had a near flyaway followed immediately by a near lawn-dart maneuver by my Flamewheel 550 this weekend, apparently due to running an APM 2.5 board "bare" (without case or foam baffling the barometer).

Here's the video with further commentary in the YouTube description:


Fly Safe!



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  • Oliver, I must say you really remained calm when the aircraft took off, and that was a darn nice save at the end.
  • I've had the same behavior and putting foam on the baro fully fixed it.

    As for the petrol tank comment i see you took that back but those types of comments are bad and remind me of the all too common Linux software philosophy.  i.e. read the 200 page technical and often out of date instructions and if you make a single error you're an idiot for not taking the time to RTFM .

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    Oliver, what makes you 100% sure that was caused by no baro cover?

    As I understand it, no baro cover should cause altitude "hunting" not sudden unexplained full power climb (unless you blow in it!). And anyway (again as I understand it) the baro is hardly used with the new alt_hold in v2.9.1.

  • Good demonstration. This is expected behaviour though, if you blow air into a barometer this is what happens. It must be shielded as stated in all the instructions.


    And in case you are wondering  I would avoid pouring sugar into your petrol tank, it will screw with your engine.

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Aug 25