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LegendLength commented on Tommy Larsen's blog post Full size Y6 Air-Scooter
"There seem to be a lot of people laughing at the idea of full sized multirotors.  IMO they offer large advantages and can overcome all the main criticisms in this thread:
Redundancy can solve most of the issues including redundant flight controller,…"
Mar 19, 2014
LegendLength replied to Oliver's discussion Unbaffled Barometer = Attempted Flyaway
"I've had the same behavior and putting foam on the baro fully fixed it.

As for the petrol tank comment i see you took that back but those types of comments are bad and remind me of the all too common Linux software philosophy.  i.e. read the 200…"
Mar 24, 2013
LegendLength replied to Mick's discussion Mission Planner satellite map
"Can you give an example coordinate that doesn't give away your location?"
Dec 27, 2012
LegendLength replied to Richard Evans's discussion Questions from a new Arducopter owner
"For saving configuration you can go to advanced parameter list screen, then there is an option to save.  That way you can restore at any time.  Note it will restore everything including dynamic compass calibration values, radio limits etc..

For the…"
Dec 27, 2012
LegendLength replied to Jeff Cook's discussion Alt Hold to Stabilize Mode Transition Question
"One solution might be to automatically hold the same altitude when exiting alt-hold mode.  Then slowly ramp to the real throttle input over a few seconds.  I think it would be easy enough to implement.

But in general there always seem to be issues…"
Dec 27, 2012
LegendLength replied to Crashpilot1000's discussion Mysterious WAAS_ON sequence in current AP_GPS_MTK_Common.h
"I'm having the same issue as Michael.  I updated the GPS with 1.9 FW ( http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/downloads/detail?name=AXN1.... ) and got the latest of AC 2.9 from the repository.

After flashing the FC I go into terminal and do…"
Dec 21, 2012
LegendLength replied to Paul Thunder's discussion Loiter and WP PID
"Are you sure the barometer was covered properly?  I found mine to be bad even with certain types of foam on them.  You need to ensure there is air getting to the barometer easily but never at high speed (and no light rays either)."
Dec 20, 2012
LegendLength posted a discussion
When I go into alt hold mode from a hover state, I am only a few millimeters away from the top of the throttle 'dead zone' which controls the height of the alt-hold.The problem is if I am giving it a little more throttle than usual and then go into…
Dec 10, 2012
LegendLength replied to LegendLength's discussion Not enough power to takeoff
"I assume this isn't a known issue then?"
Dec 10, 2012
LegendLength posted a discussion
When I slowly ramp my quad up to full throttle i can just have it there maxed and it doesn't take off.  But then I reduce throttle to zero for a few seconds and it takes off fine after giving it throttle again.Is this a setting somewhere or could it…
Dec 8, 2012