When I look at the satellite map (Google) on the mission planner, the place where I want to lay out a geo-fence is not defined enough to put in the points. I do live in a rural area, but when I look at the map on my iPhone, I can clearly see enough detail to make out the car in my driveway. I don't understand, are they not both Google? Is there another map available for the Mission Planner that has greater detail?

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Can you give an example coordinate that doesn't give away your location?

Yes... 44.433014 - 80.346923

I just realized iphone have moved away from google for their map source in the last few weeks.

I am not sure how to change the mission planner's map source but it might not be too hard because I've seen it done in some other open source programs.

I wish the powers that be might read this, they would probably know. Thanks...

Hi Mick,

Yes, I got the same. My solution was to open up google earth first. Then Mission Planner. Not sure if this does anything or not. It just worked after i do it. If  knew I wont have wifi or 3G on my iphone where I fly, I prefetch the google map through the mission Planner (right click in flight planner window) and be prepared to wait a while for the map to be cashed to your laptop. (at least I do with Oz broadband)......

Second thoughts, Looking at the co ords you gave, it looks fuzzy on my google earth too.....back to square one....

You do have different map options too in the flight planner. What works for you on your side of the world, you will have to find out.

hi mick,

thank you for that tip on right clicking the flight planner window... i just learned how to save a map for offline use.

but how accurate would it be when there is no data connectivity and we recall this for the flight?

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