In the end, all that broke was my mount for my GoPro.

I am thinking that it had something to do with my declination setting.

I should not have flown when i noticed the oscollation at take off, then I should have landed it. I had a weigh point programmed and had 3D lock on my gps.

All input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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You didn't have any YAW authority it looked like. That was very scary. Wow. Did you try flying in a stabilized or acro mode to see how if you have that same problem?

I launched on stability in simple mode. My programmed three way switch had no response trying to loiter or return home. Had to stove it before it got over the houses. My bird weighs 8 pounds with two 4500 MAH batteries.

Something sounds out of balance to me.  Odd higher frequency oscillation.  I assume this is a quad?


Definitely need to drain a couple of batteries just hovering it relatively close to you.  Need to get that yaw issue sorted out first.

Then try ALT HOLD, then LOITER, then RTL, then AUTO

Each one will pose its own challenges.

Just my .02

Thanks John, that seems like a logical aproach to the problem. I wondered the same thing about the vibration, I think its a motor because I get the same noise and vibration with no props. Its a very high frequency. Can a motor be taken apart to remove the magnets to balance the can? I've never tried to take a brushless apart.


Pretty easy, usually just pull the circlip off, and the can and shaft come off.  

Take the grub screw off the can, and you can pound out the shaft and roll is to see if anything is bent.

Double-check your prop placement and orientation.  Double-check orientation of the APM and frame selection x or +.

You should also balance your props.  It helps a lot.

Start with the yaw problem first...good luck!

What is the best order of pids to tune. I think ive got my rate P set ok now.

Hi Barry, did you have any luck solving this issue?  I'm having a similar problem with my Hexa at the moment and I'm not sure what the cause is yet...

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