Does someone know and can share what the difference is between the Altitude settings in Mission Planner for Relative, Absolute and Terrain. I know that the Terrain is for those planes equipped for terrain following, but what about the other 2 settings?  I have had some problems with my X-8 wing holding requested altitude and suspect this might be the problem. HELP and thanks!

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      • I believe that it has been reported before that the "verify Height" function is not a continuous second by second check and adjustment.  It is rather something that happens periodically and if I remember what was reported it may be at 100 meter intervals.

        So it could still be possible to have trouble in rapidly rising terrain if cutting it to close.

      • Verify Height only applies to each waypoint. Terrain Following will continuously adjust the altitude between waypoints. Verify Height will not adjust for a hill between two waypoints, unless you place another WP on top of the hill.
    • thanks --that answers a lot of questions I had!

  • Absolute Altitude pertains to altitude above sea level.

    Relative Altitude pertains to altitude above home/launch position.

    If you are flying over hills or over other areas with varying terrain that increases or decreases that you use the "Verify Height" option in MP. This will allow MP to adjust the waypoint altitude in order to keep your X-8 at the desired altitude.

    Todd H.

    • thank you--thanks makes sense!

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