Hello im looking for some help going through a log "file attached" from a crash in acro were it felt like i just lost control after two roll's

the frame it a 250 ZMR

HK micro apm on 3.2.1 stable with custom s.bus code on the atmel 32U

MT2206 2000kv motors , 6X4.5 HQ props
12 amp HK blue’s with BLheli V13 , timing Meg high , Pwm Damped Light, Demag Off , otherwise stock settings.
flight pack was a 3s1300mah
heres a video of the crash

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Hi Hector,

You have very few logs enabled, but you have an aweful lot of EKF errors, and you have baro errors. Not sure if the ekf are baro related, are you using pixhawk with ekf enabled?

Looking at ctun you baro altitiude glitches a lot....at the end it goes from under 40m to 175m odd in 1 sample period. Is your baro covered? I am wondering if during the rolls light is getting on it. the other glitches glitch up less but recover more quickly again.


hello again :) thanks for the reply

its a micro apm 2.5 so there is no EKF enabled & the baro is covered however INS_MPU6K_FILTER is set to 98khz and i think that effects the baro?

Not sure, I thought it was just the accels/gyros. Its changing by a large amount though, better to try and figure out whats causing it.

Does acro mode use the baro at all?

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