Hello guys,

I am getting data of the Pixhawk sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS,...) using the GCS Mission Planner. However, I searched but did not find a documentation with the units of all the available log data. Any help is welcome.


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I know that Gyros (IMU.) in dataflash logs are in radians per second. 

I hate this but, gyro values in mission planner telemetry are in milliradians/sec.  Why can't I change this into degrees without exporting?

Hello Ray Gamero. Thank you for your response. I don't know, but I suppose that you have this information because you rotated your pixhawk 90 degrees for example and saw that the dataflash logs showed pi/2 as a result.

But you know if there is a documentation with the units of all kinds of data? Because this manual test is a good workaround for sensors like gyroscope, but for magnetometer, it is harder to do some test do find out if the unit is tesla, gauss, or any other thing..

Thank you.

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