Unstable altitude hold

Our quadcopter with APM 2.5 has unstable altitude hold, it goes up and down. However, if it is very high, it stabilizes. What are the possible problems?  Do you think the barometer has a problem?  If it does have a problem, how do you fix or replace the barometer?  Can you add a separate barometer to the board?

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  • First I have a similar problem regarding altitude hold.Then  i checked the IMU logs for vibration .vibrations are more so i used a anti vibration mount pad and vibration are reduced and put a black foam above the barometer.Problem is solved.Throttle stick must be in middle.Check this video:


  • We just bought Maxsonar 1240 but haven't installed them yet. We got an original 3DR APM 2.5 and it works better, just a little more fine tuning. We also got a JDrones APM 2.5. I hope it works fine.
  • You use a sonar?

  • No, I haven't solved this yet. My friend who has been setting up and using several APM 2.5s said that he has not experienced this yet. This might be caused by the fact that my APM 2.5 is a cheap China clone.  How about yours, is it also a clone or an original? How about you, what solutions did you try to do?  Did you put foam on top of the barometer? Did you use dampening material to dampen the vibration to your board?

  • I have a similar problem, did you solve this?



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