Unstable LOITER and crash

In LOITER mode quad held it's position really well, but was reacting very aggressively to wind bursts. After some time it started swinging from side to side pretty hard, so we decided to switch to STABILIZE mode. Unfortunately it was too late, quad started drifting diagonally very fast. We tried to compensate for that, but inevitably crashed.

I'm fairly new to reading logs, so I'm not sure what exactly happened. PitchIN vs Pitch and RollIN vs Roll seem very weird to me.

I also attached first log, that was recording flight just before the crash (we were making autotrim procedure). That flight was made with "enable all", so there is more data.

Second log is from actual crash, but it doesn't contain all the data.

I would be really glad, if someone could help me read those logs, thanks!

2013-05-29 12-01 1.log

2013-05-29 12-09 2.log

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