Unusual Noise...Then fail safe.. (Video)


Was flying my 800 size Hex with APM 2.6, which I have had for about 10 months and has always flown great. Today I was flying only about 100 yards out when it would no longer respond to any input. I was in Alt hold at the time and it drifted with the wind for a few seconds then went in to Fail Safe. I looked down at my Futaba 14SG screen to see that there was no signal being read by the telemetry. Other than being close in flying, that would be OK, except when I played back the video from the GoPro I could see some wild shake and high pitch noises right before it started drifting. I downloaded the log and the only thing I could see was there seemed to be a voltage issue about the time of the FailSafe. As it was landing, everything seemed normal and I flew it again close by and it was fine. I would appreciate some help in determining the cause. I am also including the log and video link. In the log, the problem is around the 4:40 minute mark. The video begins a few seconds before the error. Thanks Everyone..


2014-05-10 07-47-34.log

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  • It looks like the SimonK Low KV motor and ESC sync issue. There are many much more knowledgeable that may speak up about this. Have a look around for that issue. I believe that the latest version of Arducopter may address it but I'm not positive on that. 


    • Thank Russel. Is that a matter of re-synching or something else? They have been on there in the same configuration for about 10 months.

  • Anyone?..

    • Maybe you had an over current issue that caused a voltage drop. Looks like you were pushing it hard forward before the shake. I'm sure more info would help those you expect to guess for you... Such as motor, props, ESCs and their firmware, and weight.
      • Thanks Brandon for the reply. The motors are Sunnysky 400kv, 15x5.5 CF props and Maytech 40a ESCs with SimonK. It's an 800 size Hex with just the GoPro and Gimbal and is light for the motors and setup. I was in moving slowly forward filming the water at the time it quit responding. 

        Was the noise from an ESC? I'm surious how what ever happened also effected the Gimbal, even though it is on it's own batter.

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