I have a Q450 frame with MT2213-935KV motors and 8" props running APM 3.1.5

I'm having trouble tuning the thing and I was looking for some advice. I've been through the standard APM tuning guide, and for the most part the quad is flying pretty well. 

I have a remaining issue, where the quad will roll while pitching back to level. If I pitch forward full, it's fine and there's no roll involved. The quad shoots off in the direction intended. 

When I release the pitch, as it comes back to level, it rolls to the left. It effectively wobbles from front right to back left as it levels up. 

I've tried tuning my PIDs, and I've double checked accelerometers and the compass, which all look fine. 

Can anyone give me some pointers on where to look next, possibly in the logs?

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