Hi everybody.

                  I would just like to help any others who are having trouble talking to the EM-406a GPS module.  You can talk directly to it, even upgrade the firmware,  with JUST AN ARDUINO BOARD an FTDI cable is NOT required.  It's very simple but took me days and days to find it. 


You just remove the ATMEGA328 chip from the board, then you may talk directly to the GPS via the arduino boards serial pins 0 and 1.


So remove the chip, plug your GPS into the two serial pins, 0 and 1 on your UNO or Duemilanove board and connect it to your PC.  Use the same port that you talk to the board with to talk to devices connected to arduino board.


Test the board is talking ok with either the mini GPS software or Sirfdemo first to be sure.  Then go ahead and follow the upgrade instructions given on this site for using the flash tool.

Hope this saves some frustration.



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  • 3692363977?profile=original3692363924?profile=original3692364041?profile=original3692363994?profile=originalI am not able to flash with any f/w supplied till date, after 100% completion, there is that infamous "brom" failure. What to do ? Otherwise see the beautiful fix I got on the MiniGPS utility with the above configuration. Is the flash installed in the GPS incompatible with Flashtool (see brom.ini)? Niether does the APM1280  see the device at the same time. Somehow my gut feeling after reading so many comments in DIYDrones is that some functionality should have been there in AM-Planner for h/w probing specifically for peripheral devices like sonar, magnetometer, GPS, Telemetry etc add-ons. Anyway anyone with the same problem?

  • I'm glad I helped someone!
  • This is just what i was looking for thanks.

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