Upgrading from 2.40 to latest 2.73, possible inconveniences?


I have nice setup of APM1 (2560) with Arduplane 2.40 in large flying wing. Plane is grounded for about a  year now and I want to fly it again. It worked well, everything was set up well. I am little afraid that upgrade to latest firmware will break my settings. Is it safe to upgrade, load old parameters and ready to go? Or fresh setup is mandatory?

I do not have compass module on my old APM, can I still use arduplane without it?

I have current sensor AC756-050B, which outputs: 2.5V=0A, 4.5V=50A (and 0.5V=-50A)

It was needed to dig into code to and program current sensor manually as there was no way to calibrate this sensor via MP. Still have to do this or can I load precompiled firmware and calibrate this in MP?

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