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kolin commented on Echo G's blog post Low current drain battery monitor with pixhawk interface (10 cell)
"Hi, great project.
I do not see this to measure battery current. Why?
Would there be a schematic available? Or at least is it based on some battery monitor chip or is there common MCU?
Will is communicate over I2C with APM like SmartBattery?"
Feb 17, 2018
kolin replied to mP1's discussion Eagle Eyes Antenna Tracker
EagleEyes uses telemetry encoded in video (yes, really). And antenna tracking code is running in EagleTree autopilot itself and it sends only servo positions down trough video channel. It is very strange but I understand why they chose to it…"
Feb 5, 2018
kolin commented on eUGENE's blog post Is it possible to beat drone jammers?
"If they start jamming based on measuring near suspicious transmissions and not full time (FCC would not be happy about full time jamming everything) you could probably do it if your craft does not emit any recognizable RF signal. I use openLRS (on…"
Oct 10, 2017
kolin replied to SUJEESH V's discussion HITL in Mission Planner v1.3.41 not happening
"I shall be stated in wiki. Last time I checked old info is still there but obsolete without even one sentence about it."
Dec 9, 2016
kolin replied to anas bin iftikhar's discussion X-Plane SITL connection errors
"Same problem here. Normal SITL without x-plane works fine. Hope this will be solved soon"
Oct 31, 2016
kolin replied to Marc Gonzalez's discussion Is HIL deprecated in Mission Planner?
"I am also interested in this topic. Tried PX4 with HIL and X-Plane but it is full of bugs.Will try to download older Mission Planner, but this solves nothing.Documentation is old and not updated for this.
I think all developers are using SITL as it…"
Oct 4, 2016
kolin replied to Doug Adduci's discussion Warning! Don't Try This At Home Kids (radio fail safe test disaster)
"Exactly for this reason I am only turning off OpenLRS Tx module and keep radio running (I have power switch on my version). Basically as I understand if you really loose RF signal right thing to do is not fiddle any switches or throttle an just…"
Aug 14, 2016
kolin replied to Phil P's discussion RFD900 makes servos jitter
"Hi, sorry not to read whole article and maybe not answering right, but this is my experience:
I built my own OpenLRS with 868MHz/1W  modules. So it is somewhat similar to RFD900. Cheap lousy servos get violent jitter when I come by with Tx antenna.…"
Jun 12, 2015
kolin replied to befinitiv's discussion 3+km HD FPV system using commodity hardware
"Hi, not yet studied your webpage, but exactly what I was thinking about. Use powerful wifi chip without actually using wifi and IP overhead. I am working a lot with IP cameras and TI  Davinci ones like Hikvison has very nice picture at low bitrates.…"
May 15, 2015
kolin commented on Simon's blog post Its every drone owner’s worst nightmare — the batteries going flat over the ocean.
"Very funny, but hey! What controller or RTF product has such stupid low battery scenario? Please answer, I really want to know. I rather destroy 30$ LiPo by deep discharge, than crash/lost 600$ copter. You can maneuver even when battery voltage is…"
Apr 22, 2015
kolin commented on benbojangles's blog post Xiaomi Yi: Mobius Killer?
"AV out would be great feature. But I am afraid of video quality. By nature of design, it is not probable to have same quality as common 600tvl analog camera. I personally can not understand how so many pilots can fly through gopro live out. It is…"
Mar 31, 2015
kolin commented on benbojangles's blog post Xiaomi Yi: Mobius Killer?
"Chris Norris: Wifi onboard does not affect my FPV or controls in any way. Flying on 868Mhz controls, 2.4GHz video.
If you use common 2.4GHz RC gear, you are affected.
I wonder if it has AV out and if so, if its as bad as gopro/mobius live out...."
Mar 31, 2015
kolin replied to turdsurfer's discussion Why no physically separate multicopter controllers and autopilots yet?
"It is nothing new. Mikrokopter was one of the first FC having some navigation. Navigation code is run on ARM while basic flight contronl is running on AVR. They comunicate via bus, so navigational board uses sensors from basic FC. It has it's own…"
Mar 9, 2015
kolin commented on Oscar's blog post MinimOSD Cooling Kit / Enclosure for V1.1 and 1.2
"Atmega don't need heatsink. Maxims's IC could use one, but it is already cooled to PCB by thermal pad on underside. Old version of minimosd with tiny linear 5V regulator needs cooling, or better replace by regulator by bigger 75M05. I never had…"
Jan 11, 2015
kolin commented on benbojangles's blog post Lightweight (8g) 2.4ghz fpv camera
"Probably will only encode MJPEG, not h.264 or at least MPEG4. CMOS sensor will be really slow as is in most seccurity IP cameras. Useless, sorry"
Oct 6, 2014
kolin commented on Tom Sozzi's photo
"Mad Max airplane :)"
Aug 19, 2014