MinimOSD Cooling Kit / Enclosure for V1.1 and 1.2


After burning out a 3DR MinimOSD V1.1 from powering it for too long on the ground during testing a while back, I printed an enclosure kit with two large heat sinks for it. 

The 3DR version of MinimOSD V1.1 (with straight video pins) sit in there nicely, it also accommodates some other vendors version 1.2 of the same PCB but with the 90-degree bend video pins. I tried with both, nice fit and keep the chips cool  


I can print one and ship to you including a couple heat sinks, if anyone is interested.



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  • Hi Hein, email sent, thanks. Oscar

  • 100KM

    Hi Oscar, I'm placing my order for two, can you please contact me for courier options? Thanks.

  • Thanks Swift, no I don't use any of the free software you just mentioned, I am a working professional engineer and I have access to expensive commercial softwares.

  • Hi turdsurfer, these heat sinks are included in kit here:, you could also purchase them on their own on ebay, search for 11X11 mm heatsinks, 8x8 mm heatsinks should work too.


  • Are those graphics card heat sinks (the ones with the 3M sticker) and where can one buy them if I may ask?

  • Hi Oscar,

    No, you don't need to neither rise the board above the heatsink nor to make it special. There are many ready made heatsinks with this/similar profiles. The only thing you need is to stick the minimOSD to the heatsink with 0.5-1mm thermoconductive self adhesive tape. Here's a link for cheap heatsinks -

    No way to not find suitable... ;-)

    Page Not Found -
  • Thanks Nick. The heatsink you described needs to be specially made, I can probably make one but I cannot print metal but there are some commercial operations that could. 

    But to keep things simple, the bottom of the PCB is elevated from bottom of the enclosure so a flat heatsink (alluminum plate with no fins) can be attached to the bottom. I'll modify the case bottom so it has some more openings for airflow going to the bottom of the PCB.


    Patrice, yes it's made of PLA/ABS plastic.



  • I'm telling this because PLA (bioplastic) is really sensible to temperature.

  • Are you using PLA for your design ?

  • ...a simple sketch.....


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