Xiaomi Yi: Mobius Killer?


This week we see the release of a new low-cost action cam. Some think it is the next progression of the trusty Mobius camera. I am in the process of performing a written account of the camera and it's features, abilities and performance; also showing how to update the app & firmware to allow more features. 

It's still early days to know if it can do USB-AV-out like the mobius, but it is looking promising.

Why this camera? It potentially has all the features of the Mobius camera, but with a wifi enabled, 1080p 60fps & 720p 120fps at a £50/$80USD price point. Crazy days huh?

If you would like to know more about my experiences they are written here: http://dalybulge.blogspot.co.uk/

Updates will be added as they arrive.

Many thanks

It does have AV-out feature:


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  • I just got this camera today and I'm very impressed. Some tinkerers seem to have found ways to unlock some extra features. E.g the possibility to increase the recording bitrate. It's as easy as copying a file from here https://github.com/funneld/XiaomiYi onto the SD card. Also the wifi works very well.

    Collection of various improvements for XiaomiYi action camera - funneld/XiaomiYi
  • Updated to show it has AV-out:

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    @Kolin I guess it depends entirely where you are, for instance 868Mhz is used for GSM in some countries. A while back i played with using an old phone hacked to stream video over wifi to my tablet but found it laggy. I assumed this was a delay due to codecs used to convert the video source to a digital stream and/or a by product of the reduced bandwidth. I didn't chase the idea further as the phone was heavier than the mobius + cable + 5.8Ghz transmitter combo

  • Speaking of 'drone specific' cameras, this one just caught my eye:

  • Stabilizing cameras....I've heard that somewhere before...

  • Hi Sean,

    Interesting, it's exactly the same price as the entry GoPro $130.00.


    Obviously the price is varying wildly at the moment depending on where you buy it.

    The Yi has 60fps 1080P which the GoPro doesn't, but it will be a hard sell against the entry one which does feature on camera setup capability and a built in waterproof case (at least for normal uses).

    For our aero gimbal use, the more normal GoPro case style is more common.

    Interesting that the Xiaomi is more GoPro compatible than the GoPro in some ways.

    It will be more interesting if the price stabilizes below $100.00.

  • Anyone in the states looking to purchase the Xiaomi Yi can now purchase it at GetFPV.com http://www.getfpv.com/xiaomi-yi-action-camera-1080p-60fps-white.html.

  • @Ben,

    The Mobius also has USB power so you can remove battery and it is still much lighter than the equivalently set up Xiaomi.

    On the Mobius you can also remove the tiny camera sensor and lens from the camera body and place it remotely using an available 8" extension cable making possible remote mounting or possibly a tiny gimbal.

    And the Mobius takes really high quality 1080P 30fps.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the Xiaomi is a tremendous bargain with enhanced capabilities and definitely seems to offer a better deal than the lower end GoPros.

    And it will be really easy to adapt to all those GoPro brushless gimbals that are already out there.

    My guess is the reason it is not more widely promoted outside China yet is that they are trying to avoid GoPro lawsuit which is probably inevitable.

    If Apple can sue for a rectangle with rounded corners for a phone, I am sure GoPro can sue for a camera that looks and acts a lot like a GoPro.

  • @technicus This camera records 1080px60fps 720px120fps - neither SJ(4000) or AEE do this, and this camera costs less than both.

  • you all miss that this is a true 16MPix Sony chip; great for still images; and just for $85; perhaps even less

    with Wifi

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