When i attempt to upload the latest firmware to my APM2 board I recieve the message stating that upload has succeeded but verify fails.

Once I hit connect it detects the board and starts getting the parameters however it then reports my serial link isn't fast enough. I'm connecting to the board via the USB cable and I've set the speed to 115200 baud however that still hasn't resolved the problem.

Has anyone else received a fault like this or should I be looking at returning my APM2 for a replacement?

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  • Interesting.

    One of the two machines I tried it on is a Mac running Parallels.  The other is a Dell PC.

    I actually have 2 APM2 boards and the other one loads firmware just fine, no problems at all.

  • I have just received an APM2.5 and have the same verify error. Uploads 2.7.3 fine but fails verify at different bytes each time.

    I am using Fusion on Mac OSX running Win7.

    Works fine with all the APM1 boards I am setting up, as well as the GCS and logs.

  • I'm still having this problem.  Has anyone else experienced it?  Should I try contacting 3DRobotics about it?

  • I'm having the exact same problem.  I've tried loading the software from 2 different computers (one running XP, the other Win7) and used 3 different USB cables and they all fail verification.

    Has anyone resolved this?

  • Same problem here and it's driving me crazy. I am running Mission Planner in VirtualBox under OS X.

    Considering that the board boots and seems to run OK I am suspecting an assymmetric problem only in the direction PC. I can't imagine that a damaged firmware would boot and run for hours.

    When going online, I have about 15% packet loss on MAVLink (mostly CRC errors but also some completely lost packets). I also seem to be affected by the 'Dataflash won't erase' bug - has taken me 8 attempts to get it formated so I don't have broken logfiles after the next reboot.

    Have you replaced your APM? Was it a hardware fault?


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