Urban PhotoMosaics

Hi all,

I'm trying to create photomosaics of urban areas, and am having a difficult time reconstructing the roof edges. These houses are particularly hard since they were designed by architects specially, and have some funky geometries and sharp edges. The below link is the best I've been able to produce using Photoscan, and below it is what dronemapper produced.



As you can see, there are warped edges along the roof edges. Even at 200m, this was an issue.

Have any of you dealt with this successfully? I'm more than happy to share my datasets if you want to play with them. I thought about using Meshlab to edit the mesh, since the Photoscan point cloud looks fine, but it has a steep learning curve.

Thanks for any help!

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  • Hey David. I'm new to aerial mapping and UAV.
    My background in commercial photography has taught me that
    there are many aspects including software, hardware, and
    the natural laws of science at play in any situation.

    I did a little searching and found this gem in the Photoscan forum.
    Idk if you already knew about this, but i certainly found it insightful on
    how the software handles distortion.

    Look for the user: gEEvEE


  • Oh, to see the image overlays you have to select map or unselect 45 degree angle.

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