USB connection broke, alternative?

My USB connection broke off the APM board, is there any way around using the usb port?  Is it possibly to use the telemetry pins to connect to it?  I also have the the ground link of the 3dr telemetry can i connect that physically to the telemetry port?


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  • I have the same issue and got stuck at this stage. Have you managed to upload a new firmware?

    • I also have a hk mini with a broken USB...  I successfuly got a hc-o6 bluetooth hooked up and connected the HKPilot  to my phone, but my pc doesent have a bluetooth interface yet.   I tried to make my own usb adapter cable but im not getting a connection... Does the usb to ftdi cable have extra circutry to make it work?  or will i be able to reflash through a bluetooth connection and don't need usb anymore? i have a USB ftdi converter that i use to program the blutooth modules if that will help me out

    • Hi I have now followed the intructions above and it is working. I am using a HK mini apm connected ftdi via telemetry port! Thank you all! :-)

  • I have done all this but after updating the firmware apm is not connecting only green led is glowing and apm is heating too

    please help me what to do ??

  • Can I ask what version of APM do you have and how did you broke it ? I'm using USB port very often and  I would be very disappointed if it's happen to mine... : / Is there any way to prevent this ?


  • I have a FTDI cable connected and reset the board but i have no idea how to upload sketch, can someone tell what this is and how its done,  Thanks.

  • Yes you can use the  telemetry serial  0 port at 57600 baud to connect to mission planner and to upload sketch from auduino.

     The  auto reset function  will be missing so you have to use reset button  to upload  sketch and connect 5V  from Ftdi or other source.

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