USB not recognized at all

Hello Everyone,

I just got my APM2 this week. I was running through the steps to configure it for the 3DR Hexacopter.

I was able to load the 2.5.5 Arducopter firmware and everything seemed to be going fine. I made it to calibrating the ESC's. I found that one motor would not calibrate. After checking I found a loose connection with a deans connector. I disconnected everything and then soldered a new one one. Now had power at the ESC.

I went to try and calibrate my ESC's again and it would not calibrate any of them. I noticed that the tx and rx LED's were no longer blinking and the red and blue LED's were blinking. I figured I'd unplug it from the battery and plug in the USB to see what might be going on.

Now it does not even get recognized that it is even plugged in. I get power and the red and blue blinking LED's but no communication. I read through all the things I could find but didn't see a definitive answer.

Seems to get GPS lock as that light goes solid blue but now the red LED just sits and blinks with the blue one next to it just on solid.

Any Ideas of what happened and what to do now?

I tried different cables but the red LED concerns me.

Any help would be great.


I went to the multirotor event on the 17th of June. I got to meet a bunch of great people. The guys from 3DR were there and very helpful.

It was amazing to see these things in action.

Just wanted to say thanks to Sam from 3DR and Chris for all the help.

I have a new or fixed APM2 on the way.

Thanks again 3DR.



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  • Hello,

    now i have the same problem. After i disconnect an USB Serial Converter from Telemetry Port something smoke on the APM2. After that, Windows doesn´t recognize the APM anymore. I reflash the atmega32u2 with no succes. Then i replace the mux with a new one. But also no succes. No RX / TX LED and no connection over USB to Windows.

    I don´t know how can i go further ? Does anyone can give me a solution ?


  • Hi, I have the same problem: the apm 2.5 is not recognized anymore on my computer (win7) and on others too.

    The apm is not dead. I wanted to upload a new sketch (It did work in the past).

    I have the 3DRadios. Is there a chance that i can do the upload "over the air" instead of wired (usb).

    I have tried it with the arduino IDE but no succes. The 2 3DRadios are connected: the green led is on and not blinking.

    Do I have to change some settings in the arduino IDE?Thanks for help



  • I've tried to flash new APM2encoder with SPI programmer (STK500)

    flashing is success, but USB still not detect the device

    So, any magic solution, please



  • I've same problems

    When powered by USB, the LED is normal, but

    the APM2 board can not detected, there are no device detected, like normally

    please, any success story....



  • Incredible.  I was just putting the finishing touches on my second APM2 when the same thing happened to me again.  This board that just died is a replacement that 3DR sent me only this past Thursday.  So this has happened to me twice now.  And I'm no dope--I follow instructions carefully, triple check my connections, measure voltages before connecting devices...

    My frustration is overwhelming tonight... I was so glad to have put the last one behind me and get this purple beauty into my plane, and now AGAIN the issue returns.  I don't want to abandon the product--I love how robust and powerful the system is.  It's really a marvel.  But what's going on here??

  • Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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