Hi EveryoneCan i use a 3G phone to send live video from a uav to a ground station?The possibility seems interesting for increasing the tx range.This way, you reduce the wt and power consumption of a large tx, and instead your data just hops from 1 cell phone tower to another, till it finds it's target ground station/cell phone.ThanksSrinath

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    Idea is good but real file application might not be so good. On many places 3G coverage ends on 100-300 meters. Mostly radio signals are beamed towards to earth from high rise buildings to get maximum coverage for 3G and other GSM cells. For example Finland which is naturaly Nokia's own "test" area. Most of the areas you are loosing all GSM/3G signals when you go over 200 meters. Seen this to happen many times during my own sailplane / paraglider flights in various locations when i still used to live there.



  • This is interesting. I was thinking of opening my 3G phone to connect a better camera.
  • for sure there must be a way through android programing ( I dont have any actual advice though )

    The quality of the video is again limited due to the bandwith etc.

    Is a high quality live feed so important to you? if not you can use a camera which saves the high quality file in on bored media and transmits a lower quality video to know where you are going

  • All we need is a way to compress the video signal and send it over the 3G network.

    I agree that using a built in phone camera won't send a good quality video.


    I would like to keep just the bare essence of the phone(sending data over a 3G network), and compress the video and send it out. 

    That way we can

    a)Save on weight and cost

    b)use a high quality possibly gimbal mounted camera to get high resolution video.

    Any ideas on how this could be done?

  • If it has a camera built in it will compress the video signal and be able to to send as a video call if supported to another mobile phone for live viewing but it will be bad quality and on a tiny screen.
  • does it support video call? if yes u can do it with the phones camera :)
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