Hello, i am a new user here. I will be coming here for information about the use of the Audupilot. I will also be posting pictures involving it.

I want to experiment with putting Ardupilot onto an E-Flite Blade CX2. The Blade CX2 is the best selling aircraft on the market. IT has four channels and an All-in-one electronic box. I want to put Ardupilot onto the aircraft.

One of the things I want to do is to use the gyro inputs fron the all-in-one box as input into the ardupilot and use it as parameters to stabilize the aircraft. I don't actually right now want to have it fly automatically fly just automatically hover. I know that you have to use incremental controls on the throttle and the joystick to keep it in a stable hover. I am going to use those to stabilize the aircraft.
Do i still need to use the X-Y sensors.

Any tips on how to achieve automatic hovering for Blade CX2

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The Blade CX2, for those who don't know, is a small heli. Ie, the hardest possible UAV challenge there is.

Creating a heli AHRS (IMU + code) is a PhD level task, and the Blade does not have the 6DOF sensors you need. ArduPilot is the least of your problems.

I'd suggest a lot of research, both here and elsewhere, on what it takes to make a proper heli autopilot before you dive in on the technical details.
Here's a good start for heli autopilots, the CX2 will be a little small for one

Intersting video on you tube about a 'simplified' co-axial heli project.


I believe they have put their electonics between reciever and gyro / mixer components of the stock electronics in order to control the height and heading of the helicopter.

Hope this helps
I own a Lama V4 heli which is very similar to the blade cx 2.
I think they are very interesting platforms for UAVs development. Lama V4 demonstrates an incredible stability. No need of third party stabilisation, just drop the sticks and it will go back to a steady hover.
After saying that, some issues would probably be with their slow speeds and also the fact that the nose doesn't easily line up with the direction wherein it's going.

I do have some questions :
-Is the blade cx2 very stable in forward flight ?
-Can it fly fast or do the blades hit each other at a certain speed just like with the Lama ?
to number 1. Yes it is very stable in flight. I have had no problems with stability.

Number 2. The blades dont hit. The CX2 is designed with a flybar in such a way it's impossible.
Very cool video Mostly!

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