Using PWM signal to switch a circuit?

I want to be able to trigger a GoPro from a DIY drone that's using the DEVO 10 Transmitter.

I'm kinda new to drones & have a little experience with hobby electronics. From what I gather, the receiver has a PWM signal; and in order to trigger the GoPro, I need to short a pin on the 30-pin connector to ground.

So basically need to create a switch out of the PWM signal.

Can anyone give me an idea of what components I would need to accomplish this? I assume that I would need to smooth out the PWM signal before going into a transistor, then use the transistor to short the trigger pin to ground. What kind of transistor would I need? Also any idea of what size/voltage of capacitor to use?

Any information would be much appreciated! :)

Thanks, Bohdan

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  • With most RC systems one channel will output a positive pulse between 1 and 2 milliseconds every 20 milliseconds.

    The width between 1 and 2 milliseconds is proportional to the transmitter stick position.

    There are plenty of circuits available on the internet - you just have to find the right words to google - like "RC switch" etc.

    • That will work!! :)

      Although it's a bit overkill for the very low current that I would be switching. Would still like to create my own circuit if I can figure it out, I like a challenge! If not, I'll go with this!


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