Im currently designing an arduino gps tracking system for my APM,

The aim is to have an seperate arduino board assertain it's gps location, parse this then send it via xbee to the APM using MAVlink to set new navigation waypoints for my copter - allowing the quadrocopter to follow a moving person (with the secondary arduino board).

To date I have a working gps acquisition, parsing and sending over xbee, however MAVlink is producing some massive headaches.

I've generated my header files from the python app found at (

And i have a rough idea as to how to protocol works and it's functionality, im just finding it difficult to connect the dots and use the functions in the headers inside my sketchbook to actually talk to my APM, how do i check for the heartbeats that the APM sends?

I've tried several sources on github to try and find a solution ranging from OSD's through to the APM code (which is a bit over whelming) but i didnt seem to learn a whole lot from these and was left more confused than when i began

My xbee's work through the APM planner and also QGC with the correct baud settings and firmware

Regards, Matt

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  • any solution Yet !!?

  • Hello, I am currently working on a project quite similar to yours actually??? did you have any luck with it.. It would be nice to communicate and exchange ideas?

  • I have been working on this also for so long now and I too got confused more than before. I have also tried lots of codes hoping that I could communicate via Mavlink but failed. I hope there's a more precise tutorials on this because I find it too hard on this Mavlink. Any help is much appreciated.


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