v1.2.22 problems with flight modes

I'm currently happily running Arduplane 2.65 and Mission Planner 1.2.20.

I upgraded to 1.2.22 today and when I changed flight modes the HUD didn't display the new mode, instead an error msg complaining about a 1300 value came up.

I didnt have time to troubleshoot so I rolled back to 1.2.20

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  • Developer

    the value error should be fixed in 1.2.22, the error was introduced in 1.2.21. its the error value is actualy your cruise airspeed. in cm/s

  • Admin


    Are you running the latest video drivers on your PC?

    Just a thought.



  • i've managed to install  and run succesfully 1.2.22 on my laptop running WinXP32.
    I've also Installed 1.2.22 on my Win7/64 machine and it will not even start with lots of errors.the resaon i have tried 1.2.22 is because with 1.2.21 i got an error "Value" complaining about a 1400 value somewhere..have no idea what this is all about.

    AP version 2.67.

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