i've build hexa. Plan to buy for this build Pixhawk.

But for now, i'm trying with my old APM 2.5.

First, maybe some info about hardware:

APM 2.5

ESC Mystery 40A - with simonK

T-Motors MT2814-11

APC Propellers 14x4.7 ( i know this is little overkill).

2 x 4S 4500mah Zippy Compact

Custom build retractable gear.

Total weight (RTF) is about 3600g.

Week ago I've put old APM, calibrated ESC's etc.

Tried fire up baby, but it only flipped on right side. Now i must replace one bearing in motor 2.

Was thinking about faulty ESC. Replaced ESC from motor 1 and same thing. 

Then i tried Stabilize (first test was in acro - i love this mode) - same thing. 

One thouhgt - no pain no gain - I've put roll stick max to left and i lift my new baby.

But it's uncontrollable. 

Here's vid of this flight.


Any one has idea why it rolls on right side ?

Didn't made photos :)

Only got jpeg's from CAD.

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I'm assuming to did a level check and checked all props pusher and normal and checked motor rotation?

yup, done everything.

dont have idea what's wrong

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