Video 1.3ghz

So I am waiting for my APM 2 to arrive... While I wait I am trying to finalize my setup.

I'm in USA

3DR Quad with 880kv motors / 11x47 props

Turnigy nano-tech 4500mah batteries

Telemetry xbee Kit 900mhz

Turnigy 9x 2.4ghz

So I think I need to go with a 1.3ghz or 5.8ghz for Video

I am leaning toward 1.3ghz over 5.8ghz because I believe the lower frequencies travel better through obstacles like trees etc..

I found the link below to a 1500mw 1.3ghz transmitter/receiver.

Does anyone have experience with this setup or any other comments?

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  • Take a look at This. A 500mw is enough unless you really need it.Your turnigy 9x transmitter will reach around 1.5km with little interference(wifi, etc) Scan through the above (lots of links on the page),you will find that it is more about the type of antenna used on tx and rx rather than power output.On a stock antenna 500mw from bevrc will get ~4km (some say farther but im not chancing it) clear video.

    Try a 500mw first as weight and power consumption(x3) will be the drawbacks of a bigger unit.

    Hope this has helped.

  • yes, the 1.3ghz will go much further.


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