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Fairly new to Arduino and LOVING it... Looking forward to learning and implementing a few ideas for projects I have on top of this platform....

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

R/C helicopters and planes - now interested in UAV Quads!


Wolcott, CT

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theclam posted a discussion
My pixhawk came in the mail today for my APMRover!I have 2 MB1240 Sonars and was wondering where I can find a cable to hook them up to the PixHawk. I am assuming I will need to power it one way and then connect the other pins 2-5 to the I2C bus. Has…
Jan 31, 2014
theclam replied to Oliver Volkmann's discussion Altitude Loss During Loiter and Alt_Hold Flights in ArduCopter User Group
"You using sonar and barometer? If your using sonar and you are not that high, then the angle when you pitch or roll changes making you seem farther from the ground and the altitude would adjust by lowering you. That's just a theory and assumes that…"
Jan 28, 2014
theclam commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Major new update for APM:Rover code!
"My PixHawk should be shipping this week and my first APMRover build will soon be on it's way!

The truck has is ready and I have been 3D printing my dual Sonar brackets, plat to mount electronics and other parts so I am ready to roll once the…"
Jan 26, 2014
theclam replied to Siddharth Erat's discussion Controller
"Oh you need it - things will occasionally go wrong... In the US it is also a legal requirement... You can buy the HobbyKing model TX-9X-M2 for $53"
Aug 5, 2013
theclam commented on elad orbach's photo
"Nice! What did you use for the case? What size is it and what size is the LCD?"
Jan 28, 2013
theclam posted a discussion
3DR-B Quad frame880kv motorsAPM 2.0MP 1.2.9 and Firmware 2.6.1 <-- I think - I already upgraded it...to 2.7.3...Turnigy 20amp (stock ESC)4500mah Nano Turnigy batteryTelemetry 3DR Radios 433mhz (so much better than my Xbee's)Turnigy 9x 2.5ghz, er9…
Sep 5, 2012
theclam replied to Florian G's discussion Joystick Arming + Flight Mode Changing
"Make sure your rudder and aileron are not backward in the receiver/APM. To check, try arming and disarming with the other transmitter stick!"
Apr 28, 2012
theclam replied to photofly.cali's discussion telemetry kit
"I bought the pieces of the kit here to suport DiyDrones and then I bought the modules that are out of stock from digikey.com where they have a lot in stock!
These are the two parts I ordered: XBP09-DPSIT-156 and XBP09-DPWIT-156 both 900mhz, 50mw one…"
Mar 10, 2012
theclam posted a discussion
So I am waiting for my APM 2 to arrive... While I wait I am trying to finalize my setup.I'm in USA3DR Quad with 880kv motors / 11x47 propsTurnigy nano-tech 4500mah batteriesTelemetry xbee Kit 900mhzTurnigy 9x 2.4ghzSo I think I need to go with a…
Mar 5, 2012