Joystick Arming + Flight Mode Changing

Hello Everyone,

i have just tried to use the joystick the first time, but have a few issues:

Main one: Joystick arming: How do i arm using the joystick or only APM ?

When i enable the joystick, the radio remote does not work anymore - and arming in the same way keeping the lever pulled to either side for 10 seconds does not arm. - Is there something i am missing ?

Second one: Flight modes: When i try to allocate buttons for flight modes (Auto), it ends up always putting back a certain number immediately, even before i press a button (either e.g. 27 or 29).

Any idea what may be wrong here ?


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  • Make sure your rudder and aileron are not backward in the receiver/APM. To check, try arming and disarming with the other transmitter stick!

  • Developer

    ensure your joystick is calibrated in windows control panel

    the joystick always overrides rc, otherwise it wouldnt know what to listern to.

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