ground control station - update

still have to fix the usb hub add Bluetooth keyboard + joystick put some foam for my tx maybe make a screen protectors for sun shading and connect the access point modem for wireless devices to hook up with the station

and I believe that that's it :)

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  • oh and the chassis of the case is pvc foam which is pretty easy to deal with covered with 3d carbon vinyl

  • the base station is based on old laptop I had with broken screen and a screen from an older laptop

    video screen with a future option to be used as secondary pc screen

    buttons for powering main pc av and temperature inside the case and outside  

    step up for the laptop 19v step down for the usb hub 5.3v

    power can be switched from ac to dc - sla 12v/7ah battery used also for balancing

    3 small lcd for temp main and power consumption

    xbee antenna at top

    this ground station will be connected wirelessly to an antenna tracker with the av receiver and a xbee repeater

  • Nice! What did you use for the case? What size is it and what size is the LCD?

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