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I need help with the MavLink Protocol. What is the code in c# (prefered) for getting the video stream of UAV, using the MavLink protocol.

Thank u!

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  • cool.. I will stop posting links.. although your query got me  restarted on OpenTLD again(which I was looking at for a sentry gun /camera project :) (paint ball)


  • First: what bitrate and transmitter/reciever equipment are going to use for the transfer ?

    • Hi,  the camera's reference that i'll use is 3DR Video/OSD System Kit. 

      • ok, I think you may be mixing stuff up.

        Mavlink, over "the telemetry radio link" is good for 57600bps , works at half duplex, telemetry data it is not suitable for video transmission.

        The FPV kit you pentioned in PM, is for transferring video, is simplex, and does not transfer telemetry (mavlink) - but with minimOSD you can mix in some some telemetry data into the video, in form of a OSD, but it's still not transmitting the actual mavlink protocol.

        • I have the telemetry usb 3dr and the camera, i need the camera just to get data,but i use the telemetry to recieve and send data with mavlink, so i need the video to show it in my app, i'll use this usb for getting the camera´s stream.

          • long post short: you're making this mentioned in Simon's reply?



            I'm not an expert at setup but your making an app like droid planner but with a virtual osd like the ground control station has in mission planner? but, only using a single transmitter instead of the telemetry, and an fpv video transmitter.

            Not entirely sure you'll get enough bandwidth through the telemetry unit but i think it'd be really cool for a app like this even if it's just sending a pic every couple seconds to a android/apple device so you have an idea what the environment is.

            • i'm going to implement evasion tactics, so i need to recognize "enemies" in the video stream and make an analysis to the images for getting speed, position, distance of my enemie. I'm working with c#, so i need the stream with mavlink  them i use a library Emucv for the images analysis , also i want to show the video in the gui.  I need the mavlink code for getting this stream.

              • it's not necessary use mavlink, whatever, i need the stream and can work it in c#. but i don´t know other way

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