VTOL Feature in APM2

This is for the development team.

I found this project in Russian on the net, and it seems promising. I am no programmer so I likely will not get this of the ground.


How about using what these guys already done and implementing it in the standard configuration of the APM.

A lot of people have been asking for something like this in the APM, I don;t want to use another controller, because there is nothing that compares with the APM( in its price range and functionality).

Please DEVs make this happen.

Hennis de Klerk 

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  • Hi,

    with Andy Janetzko we build this ArduVTOL. We would be also interested to integrate our code into the ArduPilot Project. Actually we use the APM1.0 with a Code based on the ArduPiratesNG Code.


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