Water Proof Drones for fisheries surveys

My friend and I are experimenting with the efficacy of UAV's for salmon redd surveys. Much of our work will be conducted in the wet and stormy weather of the Pacific Northwest and we need a setup that can withstand adverse weather conditions which include the possibility of crashing in water.

Can anybody out there recommend UAV's that would fulfill our required specifications? Other than trying to make everything water proof, I am open to any other suggestions about considerations that we should make when specing out our setup.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • http://www.aquacopters.com/store/c2/Quadcopters.html

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    Look for a Scaneagle its what is designed for  fisheries patrol

  • My company has been waterproofing off the shelf multirotors successfully for months now. Contact me and we can talk more in depth about it. But you can basically make any drone withstand those conditions.  

  • There are some commercial waterproof units on the market now.

    I believe one is called Aquaquad or something similar.

    I have been assembling our Cattle Quads from the Hiro frame from Game of Drones.

    Build Log for a Cattle Mustering Quad - Game of Drones Forum - Game...

    On their site you will find examples of waterproofing the Quad.

    These frames are indestructible as our cattle guys have proved, and I am looking at knocking up a waterproof version sometime.

    • Thank you for the useful information Mike. It looks like you're doing some really cools stuff with this technology!

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