We need a disclaimer!

I think we need a disclaimer to publish across the whole forums and store sites attached to this projects.

It should be a collection of advises and principles we all should accept to follow

This thread should be used to collect and filter the topics which should be covered.

What I want to start with are safety advises:

The software is EXPERIMENTAL! Use it at your own risk!

The development team works hard on the new versions to be rock solid and reliable. However, the whole code is considered to be experimental. This means that mistakes can happen during development, and this could lead to unexpected behaviour of the vehicle/plane/copter and/or cause damage to your and others.

NEVER fly/drive in/over populated/crowded places. Inform the people around you that spinning blades are dangerous and parents have to watch their children.

Always ensure your equipment is in perfect condition and your batteries are fully charged.

After an upgrade of the firmware do not fly long missions. Start with small and short flights, read the log files and watch the forums for updates check the bugtracker for any known bugs.

Make sure you have a proper insurance. Yes, INSURANCE!

Ok, this is just very little to start from, but I hope it will encourage others to fill the gaps and participate.

Remember, we all hold a big responsibility and we should accept to self regulate our behavior in front of the public and lead by example!



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    Good suggestion. We do, however, already have similar warnings on all the projects.  See this Safety page at the top of the Flying section in ArduCopter and at the bottom of the Introduction page.  I suppose we could scatter even more warning pages on the wikis. Is there somewhere else where these warning should live?

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