I get the following error when trying to see if Mission Planner has any updates (clicking "Help" --> "Check for Updates"). Any ideas what is causing this? - thanks

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please download the msi/zip file from google code, that should resolve any issues

i also get this error and updating to 1.2.37 did not solve it(

I'm also having the same problem.

I am having the same problem.  Has anyone come up with a solution?

same here.. now I am stuck with this version until someone can tell us how to fix it..

thanks michael.. I saw that after checking this thread for any updates..  I thought I edited my post, but must have not saved it,,,, thanks again

Same error here as well.

Is there a fix in the wind?

please update manualy. once you get to 1.2.38+ the problem is fixed


Thanks Michael,

It's just that no-one had actually said that 1.2.38 had a broken update function and we needed to do it manually to get past that glitch, so I was just assuming it was a server issue and was waiting for that to be cleared.

Your hard work on Mission Planner is really appreciated, you have done a great job.

The problem is fixed only in the version 1.2.38+.

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