Hi all!


Today for the first time, i wanted to see what the logs inside my apm were saying ; There was only one (around 3500kb )

I wanted to have a nice google earth or google map layout and "see" my recent flights layered over that.

Well i didn't get that lol


I retrieved and tried to use the kmz file i got via the APM MP with google earth and got a surprising result; I have a log and what seem to be the flight data of someone else which is not me and has been flying like 5000 km from my real location .. and its not Thaïland but Somalia ?? :)


Here is the log file and what i assume is its associated kmz

Can anyone tell me something about these ?


I have default logging on, using 2.0.42 on an hexa with no sonar

I always wait for gps lock (3d?) until lift off


Thanks for any advice or hint!


2011-09-26 04-17 1.kmz

2011-09-26 04-17 1.log

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  • After two difficult flights, no dice on the log.  I got a truncated log file.

    Log Failure.pdf

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