hey guys,

had a great flight with my octo yesterday without any problems. whenever i connect my pixhawk today, there is a weird sound beeping. it isnt reacting on anything i do. i then tried to connect to mission planner to figure out whats wrong but i cant connect via mavlink. it runs into timeout although mp recognizes the px4.

it sounds like this warning but going down on the last 3 extra beeps.


does anybody know what to do?

greetings Ben

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Hi Ben here is a link to the sounds that the various boards make and their meaning, yours means "New IO board firmware found(restart with safety button pushed to upload"

hello Martin,

i know all these sounds but mine isnt there. the beginning of it sounds exactly like the one you say but the last tree beeps are deeper.

and the weird thing is that i havent done anything over night and i cant connect via mav link now. i havent connected the pixhawk neighter after the last flight yesterday nor the first time i tried to fly today. no computer was used, no telemetry. i just connected the full recharged battery packs and the pixhawk doesnt start as it should. so how can the px4 recognize a new i/o firmware if there was no connection yesterday or today?

Did you try and restart while holding the safety button down.

or try a reset and reinstall the firmware maybe.

it just occured as i tried to show the copter to some students. i did a reset on i/o and FMU. but no changes. didnt try the safety button. ill do so later and see what happens. its just very strange that it can find a new firmware without a connection to a computer and several flights in the last three days


Try to reformat the sdcard and reinsert it afterwards.

thanks Hugues and Martin

reformat didn`t help. pushig the button eighter. still not working


this is what happens when i power up pixhawk. the sound is different in the end. i also recognized that there is no light at the safety switch

This is weird and an undocumented sound, indeed. I guess you should send it back under warranty for an exchange, if you have tried to erase and  reflash and the issue remains.

I contacted 3DR and we did a sensor testing procedure.

my FMU has no connection to the I/O controller so i had to ship it back to them.

thanks for your help Martin and Hugues.



I have the same werid sound.... what could be the issue? Any way to resolv eit?

Hello Viramedia.

My I/O side was damaged. That sound seems to be related to this issue. It may take you some time.

Try this procedure before contacting 3dr.

Fisrt Procedure:
1.- Let's try to reinstall the Firmware from the Pixhawk's board. Before we start, please make sure you have the Buzzer and safety switch connected on to your pixhawk.
2.- In order to do this, you need to have Mission Planner open ( Try to use Mission Planner instead of APM planner ), but before connecting your Pixhawk to your PC through your USB cable, please hold down the safety switch ( which should be connected to the slot on the pixhawk labeled switch ).
3.- Continue to hold it down and then plug it into your computer, you'll hear a new tone ( or in your case, the new tone you've been hearing ). Please continue to hold it down untill the tones finish.
4.- After that, try uploading the proper firmware for your vehicle in the ''INITIAL SETUP'' Tab to your Pixhawk and then try connecting to Mission Planner by clicking on the top right icon labeled ''CONNECT''. Before you do this please make sure the proper COM Port ( Depends on PC ) and proper Baud rate ( 115200 for USB ) are selected.
5.- Go to the ''INITIAL SETUP'' Tab and go through the Mandatory hardware calibration and your Pixhawk should be back to normal.

In case the first procedure didn't work please attempt this second procedure.
Second procedure:
1.- We'll try to upload a different firmware and then try to re-upload the proper one. The first thing you need to do is connect your USB cable from your pixhawk to your PC.
2.- As before, please make sure the proper COM port and Baud rate are selected.
3.- Go into the ''INITIAL SETUP'' Tab and go tho the ''Install Firmware'' Menu.
4.- Please upload the firmware for arduplane or any vehicle other than yours.
5.- Now, if the last step was succesful, please re-upload the correct firmware on to the pixhawk. This would be the one for your vehicle.
6.- If this works, you should be able to connect using the ''CONNECT'' Icon in the top right corner of your screen.
7.- Go to the ''INITIAL SETUP'' Tab and go through the Mandatory hardware calibration and your Pixhawk should be back to normal.

In case the second procedure didnt work we need to check if we still have communication with the IO Board, to see if it's still functional.
Third Procedure:
1.- Please make sure Mission Planner is open before we start. Also try to make sure the Proper COM Port and Baud Rate are selected.
2.- Plug in your USB cable from your pixhawk into your computer.
3.- Dont hit connect just yet. Go into the ''CONFIG / TUNNING'' Tab and please make sure that the ''Advanced View'' Checkbox is checked.
4.- Go into the ''TERMINAL'' Tab and select ''PX4 / PIXHAWK'' From the drop down window on the top left corner of the screen. After that click Connect.
5.- If it allows you to connect, it will give you some information regarding the Firmware currently loaded on to the Pixhawk.
6.- Type in ''test'' to initialize test mode''
7.- Type in ''shell''.
8.- Type in ''tests sensors''.
9.- If it gives you information regarding the sensors like the Accelerometer, compass and so forth, it means the IO Board is still functional so you might want to try the frist procedure again, to see if it actually works.

If nothing works, contact 3dr and link this thread.

Good luck

Thanks... unforutnately I couldn connect to the board with all 3 steps. Either if I power the Pix from the Power Board or via USB keeping the switch pressed I get that weird sound....

but if I connect to the RC In also a backup 5 Volt power that the pix boots up normally and I get the heartbeat blue led from IO. Unfortunately it sill cannot connect and when I try in the Terminal I get this

Rebooting COM3 at 115200

Cant open serial port

mhh I tried another Pix... with this I cant connect either in the Terminal, while I can connect in standard mode

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