What are the SR0... and SR3... parameters for?


I wonder, what all those parameters are for:


I cannot find any explanation. In some sample setups (for example the Skywalker) they are set to special values...

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  • Should I put the same parameters if I just need the 3DR radios to work (Version 1 and I don't have the minimOSD)

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    SR == stream rate

    const AP_Param::GroupInfo GCS_MAVLINK::var_info[] PROGMEM = {
    AP_GROUPINFO("RAW_SENS", 0, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateRawSensors),
    AP_GROUPINFO("EXT_STAT", 1, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateExtendedStatus),
    AP_GROUPINFO("RC_CHAN", 2, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateRCChannels),
    AP_GROUPINFO("RAW_CTRL", 3, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateRawController),
    AP_GROUPINFO("POSITION", 4, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRatePosition),
    AP_GROUPINFO("EXTRA1", 5, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateExtra1),
    AP_GROUPINFO("EXTRA2", 6, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateExtra2),
    AP_GROUPINFO("EXTRA3", 7, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateExtra3),
    AP_GROUPINFO("PARAMS", 8, GCS_MAVLINK, streamRateParams),

    They are related to communication between the APM and the GCS.

    When importing params files from other people, I recommend using the "compare" function rather than importing everything. There are a few things in there that are specific to the locale or gear the other person is using, like radio calibration, compass declination, battery setup, etc. The compare feature is a great way to compare your settings, your defaults and the settings used in a shared params file.

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