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Dirk posted a discussion
Hi,I wonder, what all those parameters are…
Jun 21, 2012
Dirk replied to Dirk's discussion Plane starts pumping while descending. Altitute oscillations
"Thanks to all of you. I changed a lot of the parameters and will check them in flight ASAP."
Jun 21, 2012
Dirk posted a discussion
Hello all,had my first flight with an APM2 (arduplane 2.34) yesterday. Great experience ;-)I used the parameter set for the Skywalker from the download section.But when descending in automatic flight, the plane started pumping quickly and the wings…
Jun 18, 2012
Dirk posted a discussion
Hello,I'm totally new to this. I wonder how to define the speed APM2 uses to fly from one waypoint to another or during loitering. I read about a parameter called cruise_speed, but I do not find this parameter in Mission Planner.So, how do I set the…
Jun 13, 2012