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    What's the typical transmission speed for UAVCAN?

  • What's the typical transmission speed for UAVCAN?

  • Thanks James. I have been trying to figure this out for a while.

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    • How does UAVCAN compare to MAVLink?

      • MR60

        It seems that protocol wise mavlink copied UAVCAN but maybe I am wrong

        • Developer

          Mavlink has existed long before UAVCAN.

          • MR60

            Mavlink existed in the 90's ?

            • Developer
              The CAN specification has existed since the 90s. Not the UAVCAN protocol.
              Mavlink is pre-2009, from the original Pixhawk student team.
              UAVCAN came later.
              • MR60

                Both should merge as they are so similar.It would make development easier and reduce complexity on equipment and interfaces.

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