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I am having issues on mounting the APM2 onto a carbon fibre frame. I understand that vibration is the key problem that we need to look out for when mounting. I've asked someone professional and he told me sponge and double-sided tap will not be the correct way of mounting. I've noticed this way of mounting http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/the-easiest-way-to-mount-apm2-on-arducopter . Are there any other methods that i can use to mount my APM2? Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

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  • Thank you everyone! trying out velco soon!

  • Velco works great actually.

  • On one, I used a little carrier board with the APM2 mounted on nylon standoffs. That board is velcroed to the central plate of the frame using industrial Velcro. Seems to work fine.

    My other sits on four vibration damping standoffs I got from Good Luck Buy (available elsewhere too) they are essentially two little threaded studs with a rubber damper between them. Also works fine.

    Honestly, the APM with the latest SW is not terribly touchy about it. Balance your props and motors and make sure everything is perpendicular and tight.
  • Vibration dampening standoffs, double sided foam tape, plain old plastic standoffs. Lots of things will work so don't spend weeks trying to figure it out when you could be flying. Vibration can be an issue but that's usually because the motors or props have balance issues, not because the mounting. Also carbon fiber is conductive and blocks radio signals to keep those in mind.

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